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Stitch Designs is here to help guide you through the process?/strong>

  1)   Select Apparel

We are proud to bring you a large selection of name brand hats, shirts, jackets, and apparel. You can shop our online catalog or provide your own items to be embroidered.

  2    Submit Your Logo / Artwork

To start the embroidery process we need a copy of your artwork in a digital format such as:

You can fax your artwork to (843) 837-6233, or submit artwork  online.

We will use your artwork to construct an embroidery program that our machines can use to reproduce your design with needle and thread.

  3)    Receive a Quote

Once you have submitted your artwork you will receive a quote for the setup and the order.  Setup usually starts around $80 (larger designs with a higher stitch count will cost more). and covers the conversion of the image file into an embroidery program.

      Finalize Order & Embroidery Swatch

Once you have approved the quote you will receive a swatch with an embroidered  sample of your logo.   Be sure to check it for any design or color changes that might have occurred during the thread color selection, digitization, and/or embroidery processes.

This is the time to make necessary changes!!!

After you have reviewed the swatch, Contact us to approve your logo.  Once we get your final approval we will process your order and provide you with a completion date.


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